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The Origin of Always Has Been Memes

So, there’s this comic floating around the digital cosmos where two astronauts are chilling in space, with Earth in view. One of them gazes at our blue planet and notices something… off. Maybe it’s made of chicken nuggets or perhaps it’s just a massive disco ball.

Anyway, he’s all like, “Wait, it’s all [weird revelation]?!” And the other astronaut, cool as a cosmic cucumber, confirms with, “Always has been,” sometimes referred to as the “always was” meme while pointing a gun at the first astronaut’s head.

Plot twist much?

This meme shot through cyberspace like a hyperdrive, ’cause let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good “gotcha” moment, especially when it’s in OUTER SPACE? People took that template and went wild. They plugged in all kinds of hilarious and often random revelations about life, history, pop culture—you name it.

And why did it stick so well? Well, it’s like when you suddenly realize the truth about something you’ve always taken for granted, and you’re left mind-blown. Plus, that dramatic turn with the gun? Perfect for emphasizing how shocking those truths can be!

From a comical perspective on reality to a deeper existential giggle, the “always has been” meme became a way for the internet to say, “Life is full of surprises, even if those surprises have been right in front of us the whole time.” So next time you have a “wait a minute…” moment, remember: it always has been. And then maybe check behind you for sneaky astronauts.

Just in case.

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8 months ago

I love this template!


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