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The Origin of Crying Cat Memes

This amusing phenomenon began its journey back in 2014 when a clever human decided to photoshop human eyes onto a serious cat’s face, birthing the now iconic ‘Crying Cat’ meme. This peculiar feline with human tears soon became an internet sensation, as people found it a perfect way to express their emotions on social media, online chats, and forums.

The meme quickly spread its wings (or should I say whiskers?) and landed on a German image board site, where it got the quirky name “Schmuserkadser”​.

Now, what’s a meme if it doesn’t evolve?

The initial image was just the catalyst for a myriad of crying cat memes that would follow. Over time, meme enthusiasts took to platforms like Giphy, Reddit, and Imgur, sharing their renditions of tearful kitties. As these memes purred their way across the internet, they nestled comfortably in the hearts of many, especially those who could relate to the bittersweet blend of humor and sadness these crying cats portrayed​.

The Crying Cat meme was like a ball of yarn that kept rolling and expanding, encapsulating various shades of human emotions. It was more than just a sad cat; it was a reflection of the sweet sorrow, the kind of sorrow that tickles the funny bone while tugging at the heartstrings. The image of a cat with humanly teary eyes could represent anything from heartbreak to mild annoyances, like when you’re about to hit a century in cricket but get bowled out at 99, or when all your pals are online, but your internet decides to nap​​.

And let’s not forget the creativity and simplicity that came with creating these memes. Anyone with a knack for Photoshop could easily crop out human eyes from a picture and paste them onto a cat meme image, making the cat appear as though it was crying. This ease of creation further fueled the spread and love for crying cat memes​.

As the memes spread their whiskers across different platforms, variations emerged, each adding a new flavor to the original concept. The crying cat meme has now morphed into a cultural emblem, symbolizing a shared emotion in a whimsical yet relatable manner. The seriousness of the cat’s face juxtaposed with the exaggerated human tears provides a canvas for expressing the ironies and minor tragedies of everyday life, and that, my friend, is the charm of the Crying Cat meme.

Another super funny meme is the woman yelling at cat meme, which is one of the most popular cat-themed memes worldwide.

So, the next time you come across a Crying Cat meme, remember, it’s more than just a meme; it’s a melodrama unfolding in the digital realm, one teary whisker at a time!

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