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The Origin of Drake Memes

Have you ever seen that meme where there’s this dude – okay, not just any dude, but the 6 God, Drake – giving the “nah” face on the top and then vibing hard on the bottom? Let’s break it down, shall we?

So, way back in the day – okay, it’s not that far back, but work with me here – Drake dropped this banger of a tune called “Hotline Bling.” Apart from having everyone trying (and mostly failing) to replicate his unique dance moves in their living rooms, the music video gave birth to a meme legend!

In the video, Drizzy’s super-expressive reactions became the perfect template for the internet’s favorite game of “this not that.” People started plugging in all sorts of things they loved or hated. For example, top Drake: “Eating broccoli?” and bottom Drake: “Eating pizza!” It’s like he’s saying, “Nah, I’m not into that,” followed by a big ol’ “YAAAS, gimme that!”

The simplicity, combined with Drake’s iconic status, was pure meme magic. Everyone from your little cousin to your grandma seemed to be sharing their own versions. Who knew Drake had such strong feelings about our daily dilemmas?

And the rest? Well, it’s internet history! That meme spread faster than a juicy piece of gossip. Now, every time you’re torn between choices, think: WWDD? What Would Drake Do?

So the next time you’re debating whether to go out or stay in, remember, Drake’s meme has probably weighed in on that – and a thousand other things! Keep it real, meme lovers!

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