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Sad and Crying Meme Formats in Our Generator

The following sad / crying meme formats/templates are available in the meme generator above.

  • Sad cat meme template
  • Sad seal meme template
  • Sad Spongebob meme template
  • Sad Keanu meme template
  • Sad Kermit the frog meme template
  • Sad Pablo Escobar meme template
  • Sad Squidward meme template
  • Sad bear meme template
  • Sad dog meme template
  • Sad penguin meme template
  • Sad racoon meme template
  • Sad panda meme template

Sad Meme Templates for Download

Here are the “saddest” format image files if you want to use your generator to caption the meme templates.

The Origin of Sad or Crying Memes

The internet is a funny place, sometimes literally. When you’re feeling a tad blue, there’s something oddly comforting about seeing a meme that echoes your sentiments, even if it’s Michael Jordan shedding a tear.

Oh, speaking of Mr. Jordan, the “crying Jordan” meme is a classic example of how the internet took a moment of sadness and turned it into a digital giggle fest. This meme was born when Michael Jordan bought the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team and a meme captioned “Why did I buy the Bobcats?” popped up on the internet scene back in 2012.

This meme not only tickled funny bones but showed how easily sadness could be turned into humor with a pinch of creativity​1​.

Now, the internet is a vast place, and the rise of sad and crying memes can be seen as a reflection of the emotional tide of netizens. Some say these memes echo the emotional zeitgeist of the internet, blending a touch of self-deprecation with a dash of nihilism, wrapped up in a tortilla of humor​. The hearty blend of humor and sadness in these memes resonates with many, making it a shared experience of collective misery, or perhaps a collective chuckle at the misery of it all​.

And let’s not forget, crying isn’t just about being sad, it’s a release, a way to express emotions. When memes borrowed this natural expression, they hit a chord. Memes like the infamous crying cat or crying Peter Parker have become iconic in their own right. They have a way of capturing the essence of emotional scenes and packaging them into digestible, shareable, and laughable snippets​.

So, whether it’s a meme featuring tears rolling down a face or a caption that tugs at the heartstrings while tickling the funny bone, sad and crying memes have nestled a spot in the digital world.

They remind us that it’s okay to feel sad, and it’s even better when you can share a laugh about it. And just like that, every share, every like, every retweet waters the garden of sad and crying memes, letting them blossom and spread across the internet, making our days a little lighter, one sad meme at a time.

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